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Diaper Performance Test Methods

MA003-1 Rewet and Acquisition Time for Disposable Baby Diapers
MA004-1 Rewet and Acquisition Time Under Load for Baby Diapers
MA005-1 Product Thickness, Density, and Basis Weight of Hygienic Articles
MA006-1 Gel Lock-Up Determination for Superabsorbent Samples
MA007-1 Centrifuge Retention Capacity for Superabsorbent Samples
MA008-1 Fluid Run-Off Quantification for Baby Diapers
MA009-1 Total Absorptive Capacity for Adult Briefs and Baby Diapers


In addition to the very basic laboratory tests listed above, there are at least 15 additional tests that are needed to make sure that the quality of a diaper is of required standards. By the way, we do not use these standard tests anymore at our laboratory – we have developed our own specific procedures. These additional tests include hot melt accelerated oven ageing, cloth-like and backsheet pin-hole testing under pressure, SAP permeability and tea bag test, SAP particle distribution in the diaper using an indicator solution, diaper “pad integrity test” to make sure that the diaper will not break apart while in use, static and dynamic coefficient of friction for backsheet, nonwoven surfactant wash-off resistance test, pulp fiber length distribution (conducted by the pulp supplier), material strength for film for tapes and elastomerics; peel and shear force for adhesive and mechanical tapes, UV light color resistance and retentive capacity at different pressure loads, besides a few others.  If you are interested in some or all of these test procedures we can offer them to you for a fee.  Let us know if you are interested.